We have not carried out the Karachi Stock Exchange attack. Baloch Liberation Army

We want to inform the Baloch nation and the international community that the BLA has nothing to do with the Karachi Stock Exchange attack. Attacking public places is not part of our strategy. The young men used in the attack were never part of the BLA.

The elements that carried out the attack using the BLA’s name have long since been expelled from the organization. Bashirzaib, an area commander, was suspended for violating the organization’s discipline and later his basic membership was revoked.

While he was suspended, he had formed an organizational alliance called BRAS with Gulzar Imam, an expelled member of Baloch Republican Army (BRA) and the BLF, also the BLA was declared an ally of BRAS, which we denied through our statements at that time.

This armed coalition is run under the supervision of the Iranian Intelligence Agency. We explained our position in our statements of December, 2017, August 2018 and then July 2019.

The four youths who took part in the attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange on Monday, have never been part of the BLA in the past or in the present. Tasleem Baloch alias Muslim, Shehzad Baloch alias Cobra and Siraj Kungur alias Yagi were members of the BRA’s splinter group who worked under Gulzar Imam. While Salman Hamal alias Notak was first a member of BRA and later he joined BLF.

The participants in the mission were neither BLA members nor were they affiliated with the expelled group that accepted the responsibility of KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) attack using BLA’s name.

What is the reason that those who formed a coalition in the name of BRAS but do not associate their activities with the name of their organization? Despite being an ally, why don’t the BLF and Gulzar Imam want to include their names in such attacks?

The BLA considers Iran an occupying state just like Pakistan.

Our organization (BLA) has never compromised with Iran and always made organizational decisions in the Baloch national interest. That is why today, at the behest of Iran, deliberate attempts are being made to make the BLA’s reputation globally controversial so that the BLA doesn’t succeed in achieving Baloch national interests in the current changing geopolitical situation in the region.

Such attacks have strengthened the narrative of enemy states instead of the Baloch national movement which is succeeding in justifying these attacks and making the Baloch independence movement a global terrorist movement.

The Baloch youth have to make wise decisions at every step so that they are not exploited by such opportunist elements. There are many examples in the movements of the world in which the enemy has hatched conspiracies by infiltrating its agents in freedom movements.

Pakistan occupied Balochistan in 1948 in violation of International Laws and today China and Pakistan, both occupiers, are violating international law in Balochistan. Despite gross human rights violations against Baloch nation and disregard of international convention by China and Pakistan, BLA made every effort to adhere and follow to the international laws of war and our first priority has always been Baloch national interests.

We assure the Baloch nation that the liberation struggle against the Pakistani state occupation will continue till regaining of Baloch sovereignty and the formation of independent Balochistan.

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