Balochistan: We attacked Pakistan army military garrison in Kohistan Marri, several killed and wounded

Balochistan, 27 July 2020: Our freedom fighters have conducted an operation against the occupying Pakistani army in Balochistan’s district Kohlu on Monday and caused heavy losses to enemy forces.

We have fired two BM12 rockets at a military garrison of Pakistani forces in Makhmaad’s Talingokh area which landed inside the military garrison causing heavy.

Several Pakistani troops have been wounded and killed during this attack by our freedom fighters.

We also want to clarify that Qaisar Khan Chalgari Marri who was martyred on 16 July in Nishpa area in Harnai Balochistan during an offensive of occupying forces of Pakistan was a veteran and committed associate of the Baloch Liberation Army.

The occupying Pakistani army surrounded the entire area and his house and demanded him to surrender but Qaisar Khan Marri resisted bravely and defended the sanctity of his house instead of surrendering.

He fought face-to-face against the Pakistani army and killed at least four Pakistani troops before he was martyred. The Pakistan forces, as it is their nature, did not even spare his teenage niece and martyred her.

Shaheed Qaisar Khan Marri had been associated with Baloch national struggle for freedom since 1973 during Bhutto’s era, at that time he was a young man. In these 47 years of his service in freedom struggle Balochistan, he faced many challenges.
Pakistan army tried to buy his loyalties and he was offered lucrative to abandon freedom struggle but he always refused to compromise. He remained committed to the ideology of Baloch national freedom till his last breath.

He will be remembered in Golden words in Baloch history and the organization (BLA) respects and values his contribution to struggle and his commitment.

We reiterate the determination that our struggle for a free and sovereign Baloch state will continue till the Baloch nation gains its objective of independent Balochistan.

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